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At Logan Roofing & Building, based in Edinburgh and East Lothian, we offer all our customers the opportunity to take advantage of our unique Annual Maintenance Service.

The annual maintenance service consists of the following:

  • A comprehensive roof maintenance report with photographs. The report details all your roof elements and gives you a guide on the overall condition. See sample report.
  • Cleaning out rhones and gutters
  • Identifying if the rainwater downpipes are running clear
  • Carrying out minor slate or tile repairs
  • Carrying out minor emergency repairs to flat roofs and any other roof elements


Why should you sign up to this service?

  • Regular maintenance will help prevent larger repairs from occurring to your property
  • The report will help you programme and prioritise repairs in the future
  • A simple and cost effective way of maintaining your property
  • Expertise in property maintenance and repair
  • A more saleable property
  • If you require our services during an emergency (i.e. roof leaks) you will be placed on our priority customer list.
    This means we will attend to your emergency within the working day and there will be no additional call out charge

If you now decide to proceed with the annual maintenance service we will contact you on your pre-selected inspection month. You will have the opportunity at this time whether you would like to have the inspection carried out for that particular year. We will then make an appointment date and time with you for our technical operatives to attend.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values and what we stand for as a company are we believe, best demonstrated by the following:

HARD WORK - always to do what we say and say what we do VALUE - always offer a value for money service to all our customers no matter how big or small the project.
DEDICATION - always aim to complete any work within agreed timescale's and price.
PRIDE - produce work of the highest standard and craftsmanship without exception on each project we undertake.
RESILIENCE - strive to overcome any barriers in order to achieve our set goal and objectives
HONESTY - integrity and transparency in all our discussions in order to deliver our strategy for the company
VISION - building for the future of our customers and local communities

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual roofing requirements:
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